Get Along

by Me and the Boys

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Cozy up to your mister or missus crack a cold one and forget about it!

Get Along y'all


released September 27, 2017

Jake Considine: Vox & Git
Alex Dinsmore: Nasty Riffs on the Git
Lucas French: Dirty bassman
Eddie Meek: Brutal drumming & sexy falsetto
Back up vocals by all

Recorded & mixed by Alex Dinsmore @ Supersecret Studios
Master by Will @ Deadair Studios


all rights reserved



Me and the Boys Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Get Along
Can't we all get along?
Getting drinks at the bar
Can I pay for a round?
Don't you go too far
Is it all for the best?
Best just to stay friends
Is it all on the mend?
Can't take back what's been said
Track Name: Heartset
I remember when we first met like it was yesterday
Headstrong and your heart set always been that way

Taking you down to that minor key
Breaking it down ain't got no remedy

Life is short and we're living fast years are gone in days
Tried to get this break from the past but memories remain

You had your heart set on
You had your mind made up
You had your heart set on
There's things I can't change try though I might
There's things I can't change as much as I'ld like
Well hold on won't you give me one more shot
I'm hanging on just give me one more shot

I gave it all that I got just one drink away
Let me take just one shot I'll make it all ok

If you find those things in life that brighten up your day
Fight for them with all you got don't let them take it away
Track Name: Alright
I've been working for the nine to five
Trying to keep my head up just stay alive
And it's alright

Work so hard just to pay for rent
Money on booze that's money spent
And it's alright

Remember back in the days at school
Kids used to laugh say you're not cool
Well it's alright

So take that microphone in your hand
Smash it against your face and show that you're a man
And its alright

All right
Track Name: Me and the Boys
Me and the boys are going out
Me and the boys are hitting the town

I guess you know why
I hope you know why
I think you know why we go round

All my life I've been so proud
Don't see why I should change now
Track Name: Heartache
Where you think you going
Don't you know you showing heartache
To the liquor store and
I'll be back for more all night
Sure you think you love him
But you don't know nothing alright
I could teach you something
About that little loving all night

Shine your light on light on me baby
Turn your light on me
Track Name: Betterman
I'll try and be a better man
I'll try and be better than
I'll try and see you through
I'll try and be true
Track Name: Taxman
I'll love you baby because you're bad bad
Yeah my whole crew we be rag tag

I been working for the weekend
Get my kicks and then I'm all spent

Come on baby like to work it
Butter biscuit yeah I'm worth it

That's it baby give me something nice

You better look out for that taxman
because he'll have your head and he'll have your hand
Track Name: You Had My Heart
There's an endless song in our heartbeat
That keeps me walking this line
Caught out on this hot street
I nearly lost my mind
We were just starting out with our own lives
I was just as young as you
For all the mistakes I remember
None of them were as good as you
We all need a little hardship a little heartache too
To help us sleep at night
We all need a little trouble
To let us know we're doing alright

You had my heart babe

With your hand in my hand
And your heart in my heart
We can take what we got and we can hold it
Or else we got to let this whole thing die

You had my heart babe

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